Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) are the most efficient way of managing projects within P6 project management software. P6 software is built around the WBS, however it remains the most under utilised tool within the P6 system, in my experience, planners prefer to use the in-built coding structures within P6. The coding structures also work fine, but without proper governance and procedure the coding structures often become cumbersome and unwieldy, rendering the project schedule difficult to maintain.

Petro Consultants have developed a WBS which provides a project controlling mechanism from pre FID through to decommissioning,  using the WBS allows the schedule to be viewed at management level (I)  through to work pack level and indeed ITR check sheet level.  Using the WBS in the controlled manner allows the schedule to communicate with the commissioning completions systems at activity level.  Effectively using the WBS puts you in control of your project.