Forensic Analysis

Many projects are often subject to delay and disruption which leads to dispute as to who is responsible for the delay. Forensic analysis of the project schedules and related project documentation is required to determine the cause and the effect of the delay on the project schedule. Several methods of forensic schedule analysis are used to determine responsibility and impact of delays, some common methods of discerning impact of delay and responsibility are:

  • Contract Planned versus As Built Method
  • Collapsed as Built Method
  • Time Slice Impact Analysis
  • Activity Fragnet Analysis
  • Time Related Float Reviews

There is not a prescribed method of delay analysis. Although each project will follow a similar pattern of development and execution, each project will also be unique and any forensic analysis must consider the events and circumstances which have led to the delay. Petro Consultants have a wide ranging experience in dealing with schedule related delays and construction disputes having prepared remedial schedules and expert witness reports for sub-contracts and owner operators.

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